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Welcome to my personal website.  Here you will find a gallery of my artwork, some links to my online shops, personal photos, occasional blogs, things I have done, am working on now, or am interested in.

My latest big project
Harken back to the days of yore. This is my recreation (with massive additions) of my original 1997 website Acme Widgets & Gadgets, hand coded in Notepad! Long live Web2.0!


MEGA SITEMAP, short description ~ STATUS

because I am unsatisfied with the floating menu doodad thingie

this started out alphabetical but quickly got out of control, I'll fix it later..

  • About, short blurb ~ live

  • AI: Alcohol ink, about ~ live

  • ATC, artist trading cards,  about, and gallery of mine ~ live

  • ATC, artist trading cards, collected from others ~ coming this year

  • Books, in my library, a list ~ coming this year

  • Bookstore, what's left of Used2BNew Books ~ coming this year

  • Calculators, online (RGB to HEX, currency, other web widgets and gadgets for fun and tinkering) ~ under construction (coming up next)

  • changelog.txt ~ under construction (coming up next)

  • collection, smashed pennies ~ under construction (coming up next)

  • collection, vending dogs ~ coming this year

  • collections, 1 master list of my little collections ~ under construction (coming up next)

  • collections, geocaching sig cards found ~ under construction (coming up next)

  • collections, geocaching sig cards made ~ under construction (coming up next)

  • contact ~ live

  • Donations, buy me a coffee, support my cat rescue, donate to my ephemera collection ~ under construction (coming up next)

  • Fountain pens, mine, thoughts, inks, tests, wishlist ~ under construction (coming up next)

  • Gallery, AI art, gallery 1 ~ live

  • Gallery, AI art, gallery 2 ~ live

  • Gallery, AI window art ~ live

  • gallery, clay, my art clay gallery ~ live

  • gallery, stained glass paintings ~ live

  • home, you are here, welcome! ~ live

  • Jewelry shop (links are only live when I'm not closed for vacation) ~ live

  • Links, list of links to elsewhere ~ live

  • Dog Cachers and Cat Caches, parody ~ live

  • Famous Geocachers in History, parody ~ live

  • Famous Kid Cachers of the 1900's, parody ~ live

  • Snapshots, Cats, dogs, fish, turtles, birds, and also humans, my beloved family photo album ~ coming this year

  • Projects, framing/hanging my antique family photos ~ under construction (coming up next)

  • El Taco (pg. 1), reminiscing ~ live

  • El Taco (pg. 2), reminiscing ~ live

  • Site Search, by keyword ~ live

  • Wayback, what I'm working on for the wayback section ~ live but in progress

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