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Here is my little collection of vintage and antique Bookstore Bookmarks that I have collected over the years, either from personally shopping at a book store (mainly the shops in California and Texas) or having found them in books purchased as inventory for my bookstore Used2BNew Books.

Brick and Mortar available to view but in progress, other coming soon

Last updated: 9-Feb-2022 8:49am CST

Brick and Mortar Bookstore Bookmarks

Mostly vintage, these bookshops existed in the 40's through the 90s (some older or longer) and did not have an online presence until much later in their tenure, if at all.

Used2BNew Books Bookmarks

These bookmarks were created by me for my bookstore, every customer received a bookmark with their order. Any and all of these are available for trade! If you have any brick and mortar store bookmarks that you would like to trade for any of my Used2BNew Books bookmarks, please contact me. At this stage I am only interested in brick and mortar bookstore bookmarks, possibly books/author and publisher bookmarks.

Hybrid: Online and Brick and Mortar Bookstore Bookmarks

For instance, Barnes and Noble was a brick and mortar store long before they were a website offering books, now they have a strong presence on the web, so I have included them here.

Online Bookstore Bookmarks

Bookstores for whom all their sales, or majority of sales, take place online. for example, used to supply bookmarks with new book sales. I don't know if they still do this, but I doubt it.

Books and Author Bookmarks

Occasionally when a book is first published, a matching bookmark accompanies the purchase. These are those.

Other Bookmarks

From book publishers, colleges, libraries, associations, non-book companies or commemorative.

Decorative Bookmarks

These bookmarks are not associated with an organization, simply decorative bookmarks that were most likely sold as such, as opposed as a free piece of advertising-based ephemera.

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