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Wayback... to the 1990's

No links active here yet.... workin' on it!




Back in the 90's I was making webpages for fun and favors to friends. I stumbled on one of them at the Wayback Machine, on the Internet Archive. They were only partially preserved, so I dug around in my backups and found my original code and images. My old-school html does not work well on the modern web, so I am currently in process of reworking them for old times sake. I guess that's one of the things we do when we get older, we reminisce about the good old days, and try to bring a little of it back somehow!

Once this rekindled my interest in old-school web design, I found a web hosting service that is dedicated to hosting old geocities-style pages. Bingo! Neocities stated goals are to revive the support of creativity and free expression provided by (the now-defunct) GeoCities.

I didn't create my pages using geocities, I hand coded them in notepad, bought unique domains for them and ftp'd the files over the old fashioned way. Still, it was the 90's, and my pages have that 90's website look and feel about them.

Once I get them working, I will post links here to my old pages, which will be hosted on Neocities.

Acme Widgets & Gadgets
This was a parody shopping site for impossible and unavailable gadgets, all built around animated gifs. I had a 1997 version, and later, a completely revised and updated futuristic 2001 version.

Acme Freeware
This was a review site I built for people to search for freeware. Not shareware, not adware, not underwear, only freeware! All the downloadable pc programs (kids nowadays call them "apps" lol) were personally tested by me to make sure they were safe and working.

This was a website where my visitors could come play free games online. I tried to showcase mostly young and upcoming game programmers, and a lot of them were created by high school or first year college students. I wrote mini biographies for each of the programmers and displayed their picture if they provided me with one. All the games were low-bandwidth and written in simple things like JavaScript or Flash. All the games were operating from my host servers (or "in the cloud", before we even called it a cloud). Visitors could post their score by way of the Honor System-- basically emailing me their name and high score then I would update the page with it. (Screenshots weren't a thing back then, or if they were, I didn't know about them.)
This was my personal website with my resume, curriculum vitae, family photos, etc.

I became a vegetarian in 1997. So many people asked me what/why/how that I ended up making a whole website about it to share the info. I am still a vegetarian to this day. I am what is generally called a lacto-ovo-vegetarian, which means I eat eggs and milk products; but nothing that ever had a face. By contrast, a vegan, or strict vegetarian, will eat/use no animal products whatsoever. I am not an activist in this regard; I don't care what you eat, that's your choice.


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