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Dog Cachers & Cat Caches

by BarbiQ62

Septrmber 6, 2003


Many people do not realize that geocaching is a hobby enjoyed by animals, too. In this short book we highlight some of the Dog Cachers, Cat Caches and Animal Hides we have seen on the caching trail.


Ann Taggonist and her cat Tiger have a unique way of protecting their animal-member-only caches. Ann hides the cache in their huge unfenced back yard and Tiger blocks the way so nonimals can’t get there.


Ann eventually taught Tiger how to "flip the bird" to any unregistered members who try to trespass onto her property. If the perpetrators ignore the bird-wielding cat, Tiger will then meow obscenities at them.


“The caches are for non-human paying members only!” shouted Ann. “I have every right to let my Tiger protect them from humans and non paying members of the Geocaching community.” Ann then mooned us and slammed the door.


Buddy, the ex-presidential dog, finds a kitty treat before Bill gets a chance to hide it. Hillary laughed it off and added “Buddy would have made a great intern”.


Hai Tek, a blue heeler from Japan, looks up local Geocaches in the area, then prints them out for his human, Rick Shaw.

“I have even taught him how to download the coordinates into our GPS”, said Rick. 


Chip Monk, a gerbil from Seal Beach, California, serves as master of ceremonies at the National Animal Geocaching Society (NAGS) annual meeting.


NAGS was formed to support all non-human geocachers. NAGS also manufactures computers and Mobile GPS systems with extra large keys for geocaching paws, claws and hooves.


Titan, a Chihuahua from Mexico, emigrated to the United States and got his US Citizenship in 1986. Today, Titan works for the Chino Hills Police Department where he helps them to track down Geocaching Criminals and deter general muggle interference.


Titan has caught many notorious cache-wreckers such as Dane Gerrus, Ruth Less, Abby Duction and Miss Demeaner.


Above: Titan poses for our camera holding the Golf Ball Cache found in Los Serranos.


Tex Eslonghorne and his pet rooster Little Red are a famous geocaching team in Okra-homa. “I felt sorry for the little feller” says Tex, “because he was the runt of the litter. I took him under my wing and taught him all about Geocaching. Now he crows when we gets close to a cache”. Tex and Little Red have found over 600 caches in less than 2 years of Geocaching together.


Billy Gote, afraid of heights since birth, trained his pet deer, Prudence, to climb trees and hide caches. Here they are in northern Dakota discussing a new location.


Brownie finally realizes he is not a cat when he gets stuck between these two birch trees in Brea, California while trying to retrieve the Tarzan Cache.


Brownies' owners, Bob and Tom Katt, raised him as a retriever, when they noticed his amazing ability to locate a cache after simply sniffing the map.


Brownie won an award last spring for being the highest jumper in the pogo-stick competition.


Rudy the Red-Nosed Ratfink psyches himself up to go in for the Super Cheesey Cache, which was hidden by Tom Katt.


Rudy is famous for retrieving the most dangerous of caches domestically and out in the wild.



Residents of the sleepy town of Dogwood, N.Y. were never sure if Miss Kay Nine was human or animal. “She walked upright and spoke like a lady, but man she sure was a woofer,” remarked Bob Katt, local resident for more than 7 years.


Kay hid over 100 caches in the Catskill Mountains in her short life.


Shaggy and Scrapper, identical brothers from the Twin Cities in Minnesota, are shown here discussing how they will hide their Big Bone Cache. 


“We can’t even lift it” cries Scrapper, while Shaggy is deep in thought over the dilemma.


Eventually they solved the problem by tying a leash to the bone and dragging it out into the yard.


The two were eventually kicked out of the National Animal Geocaching Society because they continually broke two of the basic Geocaching rules, No burying caches, and No hiding caches on private property.


Bob Katt, founder of the HepCat Caching Club of Catskillz, N.Y. is caught on camera after his win of the Cat Litter Cache Contest on Catalina Island.


Kitty Litter, a local news rag, recently ran a cover story about Mr. Katt and his catchy club. He started his life as a humble Alley Cat back in the 80’s, and wormed his way up to Top Cat after catching over 850 fish in the Kitten Caboodle Canoe Cache Dash of 1995.


Bob lives in a Catamaran with his wife Kitty, and their daughter, Catty Wumpuss.


Blackbeard gets a bath after participating in the Cow Pasture Tournament Cache of 2002.


He always gets dirty, no matter which hunt he goes on” said Blackbeards’ owner, Beau Vyne of Chino, California. “Blackbeard considers himself a geocaching expert, but the rest of the family knows he is still wet behind the ears.


Blackbeard was the first cat to pounce on the Pile-O-Manure cache, one of 10 caches in the Cow Pasture Tournament. Other caches in the Tournament included the Grass Patch cache, Poop Deck Cache, Anthill Cache, Water Trough Cache, Feed Bag Cache, and the Wow What’s That Stinky Smell Cache.


Dal Mayshun and his protégé’s, the Copy Cats, pose here for a photo in between classes. Dal is training the little kitties to be more like dogs; who are universally known as “Mans best caching friend”.


The current group of Copy Cats are in their 3rd year and by the 5th year they will have learned to walk calmly on a leash, sit and stay, dig up bones in the back yard, and the ultimate goal, to become a best caching friend to a human.


Shown left to right are Spotty, Dotty, Splotchy, Speckles and Rorschach.


"Trey Lorrpark was a legend in his own time”, reports his ex-wife, Catty Lack. “He hid and found over 10,000 caches in his heyday”.


“But one fateful day Trey fell from a tree and broke his hind leg. He recovered in time but was never as fast as he used to be. Trey gave up on Geocaching, and instead spent his free time carousing in the alleys. I couldn’t take it anymore so I left him.”


Slimey Hardshell is shown here leaving the Aperitif Cache, while riding his new scooter, the S Car. The other snails turned green with envy as they watched his S Car go.


Human being Stan Doffish reportedly ruined the cache for everyone when he plucked it out of its special container and swallowed it whole, in front of the astonished guests.


Slimey’s caches are popular with the Newbie Geocachers, because he always leaves a clear trail.


The Shorts-Socks Octuplets are hung out to dry after falling in the lake in search of the  Rickety Pier Cache. The contents of the cache allegedly contain a bunch of Milk Bones, a mini box of Snausages, an old shoe and a diamond studded collar.


Shortly after this photo was taken, the Octuplets wriggled their way out of the homemade contraption and rolled in the mud, much to the dismay of their owners, Jim Shorts and his fiancée Bobbie Socks, who live in Underwood, Iowa.




“It was the dang dog’s idea” said Ben Dover, longtime resident. “He kept on a sniffin’ and we just followed him here looking for the geocache” he explained as local sheriff patted him down.


The SPCA dropped all charges against the innocent canine but booked Mr. Dover and his gang into the county cathouse.

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